With a wide range of programming languages available, the question often arises as to where should one begin or what method, materials, or language should one choose in order to optimize work output. Through this article, we show you why you should learn Python.

The Popularity of Programming Language Index has named Python as the 2nd most popular programming language in the world. Furthermore, Stack Overflow Developer Survey ranked Python as the 4th most wanted technology in the world.

The following are 5 reasons why you should straight away learn Python.

Python is easy to learn for beginners

One of the reasons as to why Python is one of the most popular languages is because of its simple and readable syntax which makes it beginner friendly. It is easy to learn because of Its likeness to English and basic algorithms.


It Pays to Learn Python

Through various surveys conducted in the US, Python has emerged as one of the best paying programming languages in the country, coming second only after Ruby. Having Python as a skill pays much better than other languages such as C++ and JavaScript.


Python is the preferred application for Web Development

There are various frameworks such as Pylons, Django, TurboGears and Grok are popular frameworks preferred for Python development. Coding Python is a lot more stable and quicker than other commonly used languages. The lines of coding required in Python are five times lesser than Java and ten times lesser than C++.


Python is the future of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For the longest time researchers were employing MATLAB for scientific research. With the release of Python numerical computation engines such as Numpy and SciPy, complex calculations could be done by a single import statement followed by a function call. Given its speed, functionality and machine learning functionality, Python has emerged as the preferred language for computer science research.


The Uses for Python are wide and diverse

Lastly, one of the most significant advantages of learning Python is the wide variety of purposes and projects that the knowledge of Python can be applied to. Some of the most common fields in which Python is used is Web development, Basic game development, Data science, Scientific and Mathematical Computing, Finance, security testing and application based scripting among various other uses.

There are very few languages that offer the versatility and simplicity which Python has to offer. Given its versatility in functionality, Python has often been compared to the multifunctional Swiss knife. Companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Dropbox, and Instagram use Python for a wide array of purposes. With its wide use and future in machine learning and artificial intelligence, Python is a must learn whether you are a beginner or an expert coder.