Summer ’20 Courses

Don’t waste away your summer.

Learn Software Development to get a better job when you graduate.

Why learn coding this summer?

Most jobs now require a basic understanding of technology and coding. Students are now making themselves invaluable to companies by adding these technical skills to their CV.

  • Summer coding courses are a great way to boost extracurricular skills and activities on your College Applications. 
  • Showing prospective employers that you use your free time in a productive manner to add to your employable skills will help you get your dream job.
  • Use your free time now to learn coding so you don’t have to take a break in your career later to gain technical skills. 
  • Use these new coding skills to freelance and make some extra pocket money while you’re in college. 


Graduation Career Services and Community

When they graduate from university, students can opt to receive career counseling and placement assistance.

Regular events on campus encourage networking by bringing together students and influentials. Event formats include CEO/founder talks, startup series, workshops, hiring days and hackathons. Byte Academy provides students access to coveted industry events around the globe. Byte Academy has worked with companies overseas to hold 100+ person hackathon events in the US and continues this tradition in India.

Classroom Lessons

Courses are taught by industry professionals and those passionate about education

Projects and group work are emphasized throughout the program so that students build a portfolio to showcase to potential employers. All students must complete a capstone project on a topic of choice. Some students choose to do this work for real employers.

About the Course

Our summer coding course teaches Python – the fastest growing language in software development. We chose to emphasize Python as it’s great for processing multiple levels of data. It’s used heavily in data science, finance, medicine, media, and other industries. It’s also one of the highest paid coding languages for recent graduates. 

Each course is limited to only 5 students per batch! Make sure you confirm yours or your child’s spot before they are all taken. 

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