While working on a Big Data project, the language that one uses often depends on the goal of the project or the tasks which are to be carried out in that project. It is even more crucial to choose the right language keeping the objectives of the project in mind, as it becomes progressively difficult to change the language later. Python for Big data projects is usually an apt choice as the features of Python are well suited for the nature of these projects. The following are 5 reasons as to why you should use Python for Big Data projects. 


Python for big data libraries

Python consists of a large number of libraries which can be used for various purposes such as numerical computing, data analysis, and data visualization among other things. These libraries consist of codes which have pre-existing functions such that the number of codes required to write a program is fewer.



Scalability is a very important aspect when it comes to handling and analyzing big data projects. The speed at which Python operates which is much higher than other languages which are normally used in data science, such as R and MatLab, making Python a desirable language to use for big data projects.


Compatibility with Hadoop

Python has been developed in a manner that it is compatible to work with Hadoop. Python contains a Pydoop package which helps in accessing HDFS API as well as in writing Hadoop MapReduce programs.


Massive Community Support

Working on Big data often results in complex problems arising, these can be resolved with the help of the Python community. One of the reasons why Python is so popular is because of its large and active community which provide assistance to programmers.


Scope and Data Processing Support

Python supports various advanced data structures such as lists and sets and also supports scientific computing operations like matrix operations. It also operates in a manner which supports unconventional data such as voice and image data. This is highly beneficial in analyzing data off social media.


Given the benefits which Python has in itself, combined with its compatibility with big data projects, it is the ideal language for big data projects. The ease of learning Python for big data is an added benefit to those who are learning a language in order to make a foray into the field of data sciences.