Project Services

We provide companies with end-to-end project services, supplying the resources, knowledge and expertise needed to solve their problems. 

Why Outsource your Projects?

Keep up with Technology

A company’s ability to keep up with accelerating technology often makes or breaks it. Outsource your technology-driven projects to Byte to keep up with the pace. 

Increased Productivity

Outsource projects that would otherwise take up valuable time to develop and implement with your current resources.

Increased Resources

We all know how cumbersome it is to find, recruit and train employees for new skills., especially for one-of projects. Instead, take advantage of Byte’s pool of resources. 


Why Choose Byte?


Byte prides itself on the flexibility it offers it’s clients. We work with you on all aspects of the project to deliver a tailor-made end-result.

Current Market Skills

Our Industry Relevant curriculum, coupled with real world experience ensures our pool of resources and technology. is always up-to-date

Constant Feedback Loop

We continuously work with the company to make iterative changes to deliver better results. 

Track Record

Having worked with various MNCs, and SME’s, both in India and the US, we have a proven and demonstrable track record.  

Services Offered

Fullstack Python

Data Science


Financial Technology


Read all about how we provided an end-to-end training solution for a Human Resources MNC in India. 

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