With the advancement of artificial intelligence, Data Science is one of the most sought-after fields today. With most companies investing in big data projects, there is an increased demand for data scientists, making it a very lucrative profession. India, being home to a large number of tech jobs in the world is not behind when it comes to data science jobs. A report indicated that in 2018, India had more than 90, 000 data science jobs, contributing to 10% of the data science jobs available in the world. This makes India the second largest contributor to data science jobs after the U.S.


Cities which have the Most Data Science Jobs

With artificial intelligence being involved in nearly every sphere, the demand for data scientists has increased and this has propelled the number of jobs available in the data science industry in India. Bangalore accounts for about 27% of the data science jobs in India. Delhi comes in at a close second with 21% of the jobs in data science. Mumbai accounts for 12% of the jobs. Followed by this are Hyderabad and Pune at 8% and 6% respectively. 


Sectors which have the Most Data Science Jobs

Banking and Finance continue to dominate the data science industry in sync with global trends with 41% of the jobs originating from this sector. The Energy sector comes at a distant second with 15% of the jobs. This is followed by the Pharmaceutical sector at 11%. Followed by the E-commerce sector which accounts for 8% of the jobs. This sector has seen a significant drop in the number of data science jobs. Media and Entertainment account for 7% of the jobs in the field of data science. 


The job scenario in Data Sciences both across the world and in India is evolving at a very rapid rate. This has also brought along with it a requirement for a varied and diverse set of skill sets. Given the lucrative opportunities and the demand for data science professionals, a shift from the IT sector to the field of data science has been set into motion.