Various media and entertainment service providers are looking for ways to describe and monetize the media that they are creating in the most efficient manner. Achieving this task is a huge uphill challenge due to the large amount of content that is being generated on a daily basis. It is in light of such a challenge that the application of machine learning tools can assist the media and entertainment industry. Below are some of the ways in which the same can be achieved-

Content Discovery

Most companies in the media and entertainment industry rely on keywords such as that in the Title or synopsis of a particular media in order to discover media. This process makes it difficult to derive a particular scene from a movie or a video. At the same time, such companies cannot pay persons to physically watch these videos in order to discover content. It is in this situation that machine learning algorithms can be used in order to arrive at an enhanced data search and discover content through systems which were being done earlier in a manual time-consuming manner.

Personalized Content

In today’s media and entertainment industry a one size fits all approach cannot be undertaken and it is pertinent to personalize the media content that a company is making available to its user. Such content which is being made available will have to be tailor-made according to the preference of each user. Machine learning solves this issue by identifying the preferred content of the user and accordingly searching for similar content and placing it before the target audience.

Monetization Opportunities

A very significant use of Machine Learning which has been described above in the form of making content available in the form of what each audience prefers can also be used in advertising. Based on what a user prefers, the industry can place that nature of products or services in the form of advertising before that user. This creates vast opportunities for the media and entertainment industry to earn revenue from such a source.

While disruption of the digital space continues on a regular basis, the media and entertainment industry needs to find ways to leverage the rising costs of creating content with new technologies and also finding ways to earn revenue. The answer to these issues can be found in machine learning