India is a country with a thriving young population. After all, out of 1.2 billion Indians, around 60% are younger than thirty. And with such demographics, it comes as no surprise that most of these young people are on the constant lookout for new jobs that would help them bring home higher salaries.

The job hunting scenario is truly competitive, and is rightly described as a “rat race”. And to ensure that one stays at the forefront of this race, they must stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips that will help you stand out and land a job quickly:

  1.      Don’t give up- keep applying

It can get quite frustrating to not get responses from employers or to fail in interviews. The key is to keep at it. After all, statistics show that job seekers are rejected by over 15 employers before they finally land a job.

  1.      Don’t just blindly apply for every job

While keeping in the race is important, applying for every job you come across is only going to hurt your prospects. Search only for jobs you are qualified for, in fields that you are interested in. And apply for them only.

  1.      Cover letters are quite important!

Employers these days often have hundreds of applications to sift through, you must stand out! Write a cover letter that should resonate with what the employer wants from a new hire.

  1.      Edit resumes before applying

Your resumes should be tweaked and edited, and in such a way that they are as close to the job profile that the employer wishes for. Applying for new jobs with the same resume each time is going to hurt your chances. Highlight your summer internships and any extra curricular activities. 

  1.      Use Advanced search

Every job board has an advanced search option. Use it. Search by location or keyword, filter out specific job titles and companies, and much more.

  1.      Not all work experience goes into the resume

Including decades of work experience in the resume isn’t a good idea. Just keep it short- add all relevant jobs that you’ve done in the past.

  1.      References can be the difference

References are at times very important, and employers do check them. Try to get recommendations from previous bosses, clients, co-workers, and so on. And do not forget to share them while applying for the job!