Bitcoin has, to put it mildly, fallen off a cliff since the $20,000 it touched a year ago. But investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts remain excited in the potential of not just bitcoin, but blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general and still investing in cryptocurrency. This excitement comes from various developments that have happened in the past few months, along with the high potential that cryptocurrencies have. 

Here are just a few reasons why experts believe that investing in crypto is still a wise move-

  1. Impending regulation

While the different nations around the world remain hesitant to commit, the general consensus amongst the community is that regulation is coming. And it may just turn out to be a big boon for cryptocurrencies. Regulation would make mainstream investment easier, and more important, legal.

  1. The Bear market argument

Many experts believe that cryptocurrency is this year’s bear market. They say that this provides an excellent window for investors to buy cryptocurrencies at quite lower costs than last year. Despite the downward trend, the big picture still remains rosy- cryptocurrencies growth over the last decade has been nothing but monumental.

  1. 24/7 access

Banks and other financial institutions often have closing times- they aren’t available 24/7. But the fully-online nature of crypto means that customers have 24/7 access, a feature that is quite understated.

  1. Diversify!

No expert claims crypto to be a cash grab, they do advise any investor to put in all their money in crypto in hopes of getting rich quickly. The sensible thing, as most experienced investors will say, is to diversify.

Investing in cryptocurrency provides a great option for asset diversification. There are multiple options, and the scope for future growth is tremendous.

  1. The Growth potential

The stunning growth that cryptocurrency, bitcoin, in particular, has seen over the past few years looks on course to carry on. Cryptocurrency adoption is currently at 0.2 percent and has been doubling each year. The potential over the next decade or so is vast, and should not be overlooked by anyone who wishes to invest in such high potential asset.