The primary task of a data scientist is to solve problems. In more specific terms, data scientists employ statistical data as well as mathematical techniques to solve various business problems. The data is employed to perform an analysis which concludes in results on the basis of which certain actions can be taken. Thus, the solutions revolve around automating or optimizing existing ways of dealing with the problem on the basis of the data. The job of a Data Scientist has been named by the career site, Glassdoor as the “best job in America” for the past 3 years. The following are some of the tasks which Data Scientists perform on a day to day basis.

1) The first step would be to identify the problems which can give opportunities to the organization to grow by using data analytics.

2) This would have to be followed by the process of determining what set of data and variables are pertinent to solving the issue.

3) This data has to be validated in order to ensure that the findings arising out of the data is accurate.

4) Various algorithms also need to be formulated by data scientists which have to be employed in order to mine large sets of data which has to be put under analysis.

5) Finally, this data is analysed in order to identify patterns and is interpreted in order to find out solutions to the problems or to explore further business opportunities.

The entire process of a job of a data scientist can be broken down into three categories- data acquisition, data processing, and application of data to deliver final results. Being a data scientist requires knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and computer science, all encompassed in our Data Science Course,  in addition to having a logical approach to problems with critical and creative thinking.