Human resources and Talent Acquisition might not appear to be very pertinent fields for the employees who are on the other side of the table. However, the process of hiring employees is a very cumbersome and time-consuming process. In light of this, it is not surprising that data science which has already been put to so many uses is now being employed for purposes of Human Resources. There are various issues that Human Resources faced which could be solved by the implementation of data science. Below are some of the ways in which data science is being in Human Resources-



The usage of data science in recruitment would work towards creating a more consistent approach in hiring persons by eliminating the chances of bias of the recruiter or the interviewer. By using the different data that the human resource department has about each potential employee and setting in the parameters that the recruiter wants for their company, data science can be used in order to make better predictions as to which person will be a suitable candidate for the company. This will also make the process of hiring more objective and will help businesses cut losses which are a result of bad hiring.



Promotions are an equally important aspect of recruitment which is required in order to keep the employees satisfied. Data science can be employed in order to evaluate how much an employee is worth and the amount of remuneration that should be paid to an employee on the basis of the work done. It can also be used to track the behavioral patterns of the employee such as sick leave and portray a comprehensive picture of the employee which could be used in determining promotions.


Although data science is not being used in a mainstream fashion in Human Resources, the tangible benefits and the actionable information that data science has to offer can revolutionize the manner in which Human Resources departments in companies function.