Data Science Bootcamp
Our Data Science course provides an education in order to be a Data Scientist, what Harvard Business Review calls the “Sexiest job of the 21st Century”. 
  • Instructor-Led Class Room and Online Training
  • 24*7*365 Coding Support
  • Lifetime Membership to our Coding Community
  • Week Day & Week End Batches
  • New York Curriculum in India

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Summer: 8 to 12 Weeks 

Full Time: 12 Weeks

Part Time: 24 Weeks

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 FT: Oct 7th | Nov 4th | Dec 2nd

PT: Oct 24th


Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data and Analytics Engineer


480 Hours Live Classes
200+ Coding Assignment
Loan and 0% EMI Payment Option
24/7 coding support


Data Science Bootcamp

Our Data Science course provides an education in order to be a Data Scientist, what Harvard Business Review calls the “Sexiest job of the 21st Century”. Graduates go into roles such as Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer and Data Architect after our program. We’ll emphasize Python in our course and also cover data acquisition, data analysis, Pandas, prediction and machine learning, data wrangling, statistical modelling, Hadoop, SQL, No SQL and more. No prior data science experience is required.

Computer Science Fundamentals
  • Introduction and Environment
  • Development Environments (VSCode, Juypter Notebook)
  • Github and Git
  • Operating Systems and Unix
Introduction to Python
  • Data Types
  • Control Flow
  • Functions
  • Complexity Theory
Object Oriented Programming
  • Design Considerations
  • Classes
  • Modules
  • Context Managers
  • Exceptions
Data Structures
  • Recursive Structures
  • Linked List
  • Tree
  • Graph
Software Theory
  • Algorithms
  • Networks
  • Databases
  • Testing
  • Data Management
Introduction to Data Science
  • Intro to Machine Learning
  • Math Prerequisites (Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics)
  • Regression
  • Model Analysis
Supervised Learning
  • K Nearest Neighbors
  • Decision Trees & XGBoost
  • Intro to Neural Networks
Neural Networks
  • Feed-forward Neural Network
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
Unsupervised Learning
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Autoencoders
Machine Learning Theory
  • VC-Dimension
  • Reinforcement Learning
Capstone Project
  • Students create 2 capstone projects during the final phase of the program.
  • One is a team project
  • One is a solo project
Phase 3 : Big Data and Final Projects
  • Foundations
    • Monolithic & Micro Service Architecture
    • Cluster & Cloud Computing principles
  • Big Data
    • Map Reduce
    • Hadoop
    • Spark
  • Cloud Computing Platforms:
    • Digital Ocean, AWS
    • Google Cloud
    • Azure
  • Final Project Demo

Career Focus

Project based curriculum lets you solve real problems for companies and build a portfolio of work to showcase

Regular campus visits by company founders and industry veterans, providing tips and industry insights

Mentorship and internship programs

Resume and self-branding help from Phase 1