In a world where a humongous amount of data is being generated on a daily basis, a data scientist who can collate this data, analyze it and apply it to business solutions is sought after by various companies resulting in Data Science careers only increasing. A day in the life of a data scientist not only includes the task of collating, analyzing and applying the findings from data but also includes tasks such as developing software and machine learning algorithms which assist in the performance of such tasks. The following are some of the major roles which data scientists play in the organization that they work for.


Data Engineer (Data Entry)

Simply put, the task of a Data Engineer is to enter data such that this can be analyzed by other persons working in the data science wing of the organization. As easy as this sounds, this task requires sophisticated coding due to the large quantum of data that is required to be worked upon.


Data Analyst or a Business Intelligence Analyst

A Data Analyst employs data in order to compute the standing of the company in the market and to analyse market trends in order to chart a future course of action for the company. For a more in-depth description of what a business analyst does, check out our post here. 


Data Mining Engineer

A Data Mining Engineer’s task revolves around collecting data and working on the creation of statistical, mathematical and computer-based codes and algorithms which will be used to analyze data.


Data Architect

A Data Architects primarily work with Data Management Systems and their job description revolves around designing systems and software which is used in order to protect, maintain and make the data available for useful purposes.

This gives a general idea of how broad the term “Data Scientist” actually is and the various roles which come under the ambit of this word. There are various other associated positions such as an Applied Machine Learning Engineer, a Software Engineer and an Ethicist among others which are crucial in performing the tasks which organizations do under the ambit of Data Science.