Data science is considered to be the buzzword surrounding many industries in modern times. It consists of the collection and analysis of data which can be implemented by businesses in order to reorient the business in order to generate better outputs. Below are some of the reasons as to why data science jobs are in great demand:


Collection and Organizing Data

During the IT boom in the 1990s and 2000s, various businesses shifted their way of functioning to computer-based as opposed to manual entering of data for various operations. This has led to the generation of enormous amounts of data through electronic means. Through this, organizations are sitting on piles of data, not knowing in what manner to employ this data for the betterment of the organization.


Pay and Shortage of Skilled Workers

A data scientist is among the top paying jobs in the industry today. This is further fuelled by the shortage of data scientists in the industry. Although the tools have come into existence, there are not many skilled workers who can put these tools to use in order to predict the best way in which a company should function to give the best results.


Introduction of Data Sciences across fields

Earlier data scientists were in a way restricted to large tech companies, however with a variety of enterprises now using data sciences for their benefit, with even small startups hiring persons in the field of data science. This is so because it has been observed that companies using data sciences are much more productive and profitable as opposed to their competitors who are not using data sciences.


Presence of Jobs and varying roles

The massive scale at which the number of industries using data sciences has increased has only given rise to the number of jobs that are available in the market. Further, there is no single job role which fits the term, “Data Scientist” and this term contains within its domain various specialized roles such as a Data Architect, a Data Engineer and an Analytics Manager amongst various others. For a detailed description of each and to see which role is right for, head here. 

The job of a Data Scientist has been branded by the Harvard Business Review as the “Sexiest job of the 21st Century”. Given the various factors involved such as the pay and potential for growth in this sector, being a Data Scientist in today’s times is definitely rewarding.