The Aviation sector has always been at the forefront when it comes to incorporating various trends and technology in order to make air transport safe as well as efficient for passengers. Big data is also something that is helping the industry across various facets such as flight operations, ground operations, commercial as well as engineering aspects. The following are some of the ways in which data analytics is transforming the Aviation Sector-


Airport Congestion

Airport traffic is an ever-increasing phenomenon which causes congestion in major airports across the world leading to delays in flights and consequent losses as well as customer dissatisfaction. Big data can be employed to analyze a wide parameter of data arising from terminal capacity, routes, number of passengers as well as the price of the tickets to arrive at an efficient system of administration and pricing.


Aircraft Maintenance

Data science can be used in order to detect and solve problems which would require lesser number of technicians for the maintenance of aircrafts. Robots can also be used for inspection in order to arrive at compliance before an aircraft takes off. This would reduce errors made by humans as well as facilitate the proper compliance of parts that would be dangerous to access for humans.


Digitization of Services

With data analytics, aviation companies have been able to achieve various digitization targets which span over operational as well as consumer needs. Analysis of real-time data collected while flying assists in decision making. Analysis of operational data collected can help build a better consumer experience.


Fuel Efficiency

Fuel accounts for 17% of the operating cost incurred by airlines, which also forms a part of the second largest expenditure. Various data collected from sensors attached to the aircraft can analyse the fuel consumption in different weather conditions. This data can be used in order to determine what fuel load should be carried for each flight in order to make the fuel usage efficient.

Airlines are using big data for a variety of purposes, even in the realm of customer satisfaction where a plethora of factors are analysed on each customer in order to increase revenue through in flight sales as well as various other sources.