Corporate Training

We provide companies with up-to-date training options to up-skill their employees and teams, placing a strong emphasis on projects, teamwork and community engagement.

Why Upskill your Team?

Keep up with Technology

A company’s ability to keep up with accelerating technology often makes or breaks it. Successful companies seek to empower their employees for the following reasons.

Increased Productivity

Staff extensively trained in the most recent, efficient and innovative techniques are more productive and become extremely valuable to the team – higher quality work is produced more quickly, whilst ensuring resources are not wasted.

Invest in your Employees

We all know how cumbersome it is to find, recruit and train new employees. Instead, invest in your current employees to meet the needs of the company, all while giving them a significant morale boost.


Why Choose Byte?


Byte prides itself on the flexibility it offers it’s corporate training clients. We can tailor the curriculum taught to reflect your current needs. We also work with you to determine the length, timings and method of delivery.

Industry-relevant curriculum

Don’t have a set curriculum you want to teach? No problem! We create our curriculums based on continuous conversations with our industry partners and deliver only what is required.

Constant Feedback Loop

We continuously work with the company to make iterative changes to ongoing training to deliver better training.


Courses Offered

Our standard courses include foundational level instruction in growing technical areas such as python,  data science an, blockchain. These short courses get your whole team technically proficient in the fundamentals of the desired technology. Companies can then choose to add-on deeper-level modules pertaining to their needs.


As we’ve realized that often what matters most to companies is flexibility, we are able to deliver our courses in a variety of ways that include:

  • Live Online Sessions
  • Recordings
  • Classroom-based
  • On-campus Training
  • Hybrid Models

Read all about how we provided an end-to-end training solution for a Chemicals MNC in India. 

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