The nature of the project which a company or a team undertakes plays a significant role in determining the language which the company employs in developing the product or utilising it to add features to certain products. Earlier, programmers didn’t have much choice given the inherent restraints in a large number of programs. With the vast libraries that Python has for various purposes and its versatility which can be employed for a wide variety of purposes such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, Python is often a first choice for programmers working with some of the largest tech companies in the world. The following are some of the major tech companies that use Python for a wide variety of purposes:


Instagram uses Python in combination with the Python framework, Django. The primary reason why engineers at Instagram chose Python as a language for development is its ease of use. Another important reason is that the engineers are aware of the large Python community and the manner in which the language has been developing over the years, which would be very helpful in terms of overcoming issues which the company could face in the future.


One of the prime features which Amazon is provides is recommendations to its users on the basis of their searches. This is core feature of machine learning algorithms which are developed using Python. Since Python is one of the best languages which can be used for big data projects and one of the foremost tasks which Amazon has to do is big data analysis.


Earlier, SurveyMonkey was built on C. However, after facing a plethora of issues with the speed, the engineers at SurveyMonket rewrote the application using Python. The reason for choosing Python as a language is because of its libraries, whose features can be used to build apps faster and also test the features of the apps.


Facebook primarily uses Python for their back end applications which deal with image processing. The speed at which Python operates for this particular purpose is why Facebook has opted for Python.


Spotify uses Python for its back end services as well as for the purpose of data analysis. The primary reason as to why Spotify uses Python is because of the speed at which back end services can be developed using Python for its music app.

Python is so versatile in nature and easy to use that Python is not just apt as a language for beginners but is used by expert developers across all the FAANG companies for its various functions.