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Our goal is to get you a job. 

At Byte, getting you a job is our primary concern. From all the students who have completed our full-time/part-time Bootcamp, we have placed 85% of them in jobs or equipped them to pursue higher studies in the US/Canada/Europe. 

Our students have been placed in companies such as Volvo, Capgemini, Fidelity and Analytics Quotient. Of course, a lot of this also depends on your performance on the course, interview skills, and projects.

Phase 1

Right from the first phase of the bootcamp, you will be given career counseling sessions that will match your prior experience with current upskilling and set realistic goals for your career progression. We then work with you to enhance your resume, improve interview skills and identify relevant projects that best showcase your skills to your desired industries.

Phase 2

As you make your way through the bootcamp, you will have sessions with guest lecturers across a wide variety of industries who will talk to you about the use of the technology in their companies. Byte Academy also hosts many workshops and seminars throughout the month which is a great way for students to network with professionals in the industry and work towards their dream job.

Phase 3

As you approach graduation, Byte Academy will send an individualized student packet out to our partner companies who, and depending on their response, will guide you through the interview process.
Additionally, throughout your career, you can take lifelong advantage of our Global Alumni Network to connect with employers/like-minded professionals in countries such as the UK, US, South Africa, China, Germany and more.


These are a few of the companies that have hired students from our batches. 


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