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4 Mistakes That Keep you From Landing a Job

Searching for jobs in this saturated and immensely populated job-searching landscape is quite tricky. And to have a real shot at landing a job, one must stand out from the crowd and grab the eyeballs of the hirer. This process begins with correcting the typical...

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7 Tips that Will Help you Land a Job Quickly

India is a country with a thriving young population. After all, out of 1.2 billion Indians, around 60% are younger than thirty. And with such demographics, it comes as no surprise that most of these young people are on the constant lookout for new jobs that would help...

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Tips for Aspiring Data Scientists

There is a growing demand for data scientists as the use and application of data science increases every day. Here are some tips if you aspire to be a data scientist. Learn the basics Mathematical concepts like statistics, multivariable calculus, probability, discrete...

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How Can You Be A Freelance Software Developer?

Want to start a career as a freelance software developer? Then these tips are for you. Learn varied languages There are fewer jobs available with one programming language than which require many. So, try to learn the most popular languages.  Knowledge of multiple...

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Group Discussion Tips for Campus Placements

Group discussions are used by recruiters to note a variety of skills of the students that cannot be seen in the other rounds. Firstly, you have to speak. There is no way around that in the group discussion. Here are a few tips to help you.

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