It is perhaps the most exciting time to be working in a technical field. Not only is the pace of innovation extremely rapid, different and diverse fields are opening up seemingly every other year. A good example is Big Data – a few years ago that was but an esoteric term, known to the select few who worked in that sector. Now, almost every tech giant is incorporating that technology into their operations.

And with the rise of data analytics sector, come the potential job vacancies. Reports suggest that as many as 50,000 vacancies are yet to be filled in this sector. And if you’re from the IT sector, that number looks quite enticing indeed.

But before making the switch, or even seriously considering it, there are a few things you must reflect upon:

Understand the analytics landscape

With analytics being the ‘trendy’ job in recent times, it is important to separate the hype from the reality.

There are three different areas, roughly, that people refer to when they mention terms like “big data analytics”.

The first is business intelligence. This refers to the data that is collected and stored when a human being interacts with a system. The system may be anything- for instance, it may be the local grocery store. This data is then accessed through reports, or through graphical visualizations. All of this comes under Business Intelligence, or BI. Analytics is separate from the above. Analytics refers to the process that data analysts perform on the data that is collected through BI. Such analysis is supposed to deliver insights into consumer behavior and is used to drive actions and decisions.

We still haven’t spoken of Big Data. Big Data is essentially BI, but it is referred to s a separate field because of its ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity. The Three Vs, as they are called, create problems of storage and visualization. Big Data, hence, is a BI problem, and not an analytics one.


Finding your interest

Now that you are familiar with exactly what constitutes the analytics landscape, the next step is finding the analytics job that you are interested in.

Analytics is a wide field- but the job titles it covers can largely be split into three categories- Data analysts, business analysts, and predictive analysts. Researching more about each category would help a lot in finding the perfect job title for you.