Blockchain Bootcamp
Become a Master – Build your own Blockchain to perform transactions using Python and Javascript.
  • Instructor-Led Class Room and Online Training
  • 24*7*365 Coding Support
  • Lifetime Membership to our Coding Community
  • Week Day & Week End Batches
  • New York Curriculum in India

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This Course Includes

  • 60 hours of Live Classroom
  • Live Projects | Industry Cases
  • Placement Assistance
  • Loan and 0% EMI Payment Option
  • 24/7 coding support


Full Time: 12 Weeks

Part Time: 24 Weeks

Next Batch

 FT:  Jun10th | Jul 1st | Aug 5th

PT: May 24th | Jul 25th


Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data and Analytics Engineer


400+ hours of Live Classes
Live Projects | Industry Cases
Placement Assistance
Loan and 0% EMI Payment Option

Blockchain Bootcamp

In order to build financial applications with Blockchain technology, we first make sure your coding skills are sharp. After you have mastered coding we’ll combine this with FinTech and Blockchain industry knowledge and build projects in FinTech or Blockchain.

The curriculum covers Python Programming, Full Stack Web Development with Python, Fundamentals of Financial Technology, Introduction to Blockchain Technology and build your own blockchain to perform transactions using Python and Javascript in 16 Weeks. The duration of the course includes classroom assignments, phase wise assessments and project work. The detailed curriculum is mentioned as below.


Phase 1 - 1
Python Basics

  • Runtime Environment Setup, Git and GitHub Repository Setup
  • Linux Development Environment, Bash Commands, Linux File System, Navigating the terminal
  • Python Installation, Running Python Programs using Sublime / IDLE / nano
  • Programming Fundamentals: Introduction to python, Data Structures, File Operations, Iteration, Control flow, Functions and Functional Programming, Built In Functions, Classes and Class Organization
  • Best Practices: Keeping it simple, DRY code, naming conventions, comments and documentation
  • Python Standard Library (standard libraries typically include definitions for commonly used algorithms, data structures, and mechanisms for input and output)
Phase 1 - 2
 Computer Science, Beyond the basics

  • Introduction to Computer Science and Computer Organization
  • Big O Notation, Data Structures, Algorithms (Sorting and Searching)
  • Data Formats – XML, JSON
Phase 1 - 3
Phase 1 - 4
Phase 2 - 1
Phase 2 - 2
Phase 2 - 3
Phase 2 - 4
Phase 3 - 1
Phase 3 - 2

Career Focus

Project based curriculum lets you solve real problems for companies and build a portfolio of work to showcase

Regular campus visits by company founders and industry veterans, providing tips and industry insights

Mentorship and internship programs

Resume and self-branding help from Phase 1

Projects by our Students