Although the technology behind cryptocurrencies, blockchain, has been around for about a decade now, it was only in 2017 that cryptocurrencies really took off. Much of that is thanks to the buzz created around Bitcoin when it hit the $20k mark. But the most fascinating and practical thing about cryptocurrencies remains blockchain. Today we are looking at some blockchain startups that are revolutionizing the industry. 

Blockchain works via a network of smart contracts that work by using decentralized information present on a ledger. Using this technique, blockchain can provide unmatched security as well as speed for any kind of data transfers. And this is exactly why many startups have begun to explore this technology in depth, and have begun to apply it to various fields:

  1.       Nano Vision

Nano Vision is empowering citizens globally to step forward and lend a hand to prevent diseases by furthering development and research. Due to blockchain’s decentralized nature, any data collected or any research stored or conducted on Nano Vision’s platform will be available to doctors, scientists, and even civilians worldwide.

  1.       ODEM

ODEM is a first of its kind on-demand, decentralized education marketplace. ODEM will help its students and professors interact directly, without any intermediaries, thanks to blockchain technology and the smart contract based payment platform that it has. This will help students all around the world get much better quality education at much lower costs.

  1.       MEvU

MEvU is a betting application that allows its users to bet on anything, at any time and against anyone on the network. It is a decentralized, peer to peer application that utilizes smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to store information of the users and their bets. MEvU’s goal is to eliminate black market betting.

  1.       Patron

Patron is a marketing platform for global influencers built with the use of blockchain technology. The company seeks to connect brands with global influencers and vice versa in a transparent ecosystem. And because of the decentralized nature of blockchain, the intermediary fees are most eradicated, cutting down the costs of matching influencers and brands.

  1.       ShipChain

ShipChain is a logistics platform built using blockchain. The focus of ShipChain is to provide end-to-end tracking solution, which in turn allows for unification of the entire supply line, amongst all carriers.