There is a growing demand for data scientists as the use and application of data science increases every day. Here are some tips if you aspire to be a data scientist.

Learn the basics

Mathematical concepts like statistics, multivariable calculus, probability, discrete maths, regression, optimization and linear algebra is necessary as a foundation. Your understanding of these topics must be strong.

Learn to code

The main programming languages are Python and R. SQL is beneficial for database management and SAS is an analytical tool worth learning. Java and MATLAB are used by data scientists.

Learn machine learning

All aspiring data scientist and data analysts must know machine learning. It is one aspect of data science. Techniques are continuously evolving. To master machine learning, you must be willing to study and learn new things.

Practice analyzing data and communicating about it

Effective communication is a soft skill that all data scientists have. You need be able to communicate your concepts visually. It must be organized in a clear and concise manner so that all audiences can understand. Practice is key.

Start a blog on data science

Starting a blog to practice analyzing and communicating data. Blogging enables you to have a large audience and get feedback and evaluation. Blogging gives you a platform to practice your data science skills. This will also help land your first data science job. 

Create a portfolio or your work and skills

Creating a portfolio as well as blogging is a good way to show off your skills. You can write about your projects and use the blog as a public portfolio.

Network with potential recruiters

Networking makes sure you get noticed. Network with potential recruiters can help you get jobs. The blog and portfolio become useful at this point. LinkedIn may not be enough to network and make relationships with the right people. Try other alternative methods also.

Get a mentor

A mentor in a Data Science role in a good company can teach you things and help you in your path to enter the field of data science. It is always better to have a mentor who can help you than learning by yourself. A great way to start is by looking people up on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. We have a helpful list of a few people to get you started, but we definitely recommend finding people closer to your current network. 

Master Excel

Knowledge of Excel is a needed skill for data scientists. Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet today. It can do more than just calculations. It has statistical functions and Data Analysis Toolpak. You can make charts and discover trends.

Never stop learning

As technology evolves, so does the field of data science. The environment is highly dynamic. There are always new tools and techniques that you must keep up-to-date about. The learning never stops.