With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) occupying the foremost positions in terms of importance and learning today, learning it and gaining insights from experts in the field is of paramount importance. Social Media, especially in the form of Twitter provides for a perfect platform for keeping up with the latest developments in ML and AI Updates. Here are 5 people you must follow on Twitter to be in sync with the latest happenings in the field.


Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the founder of SpaceX and Tesla. The companies run by Musk use Machine Learning in a variety of their programs such as in the development of a driverless car. Musk has also founded the not for profit AI research company called OpenAI which focuses on research in AI to benefit mankind in various aspects of their life while ensuring that the development of AI is conducted in a safe manner. Musk often tweets about the latest AI updates. 


Joanna Bryson

Joanna Bryson is a computer scientist at the University of Bath and was instrumental in the development of the action selection model which how an AI function determines the manner in which it should act.


The CyberCode Twins

The CyberCode Twins consist of America and Penelope Lopez from Los Angeles. They have won various hacking and tech competitions and are currently working on technology which can be worn which focuses on the safety of persons.


Alex Champandard

Alex Champandard is the mastermind be AiGameDev.com which is the largest online hub for AI in games. Champandard is the creator of Creative.AI, which seeks to explore how AI can be used for various creative tasks.


Martin Ford

Martin Ford is a New York Times Bestselling Author for his book Rise of the Robots. Ford tweets about various issues pertaining to AI and ML such as job automation, military robots and the manner in which AI and ML will affect the economy in the future.


Machine Learning and AI are incredibly broad and diverse fields with a plethora of applications. Furthermore, the rate at which it is expanding necessitates enthusiasts of the field to stay up to date with the developments. For this purpose social media handles of experts in the field, provide a great insight into the developments in AI and ML.