Searching for jobs in this saturated and immensely populated job-searching landscape is quite tricky. And to have a real shot at landing a job, one must stand out from the crowd and grab the eyeballs of the hirer. This process begins with correcting the typical mistakes that job applicants often make- such as resumes with typos, addressing the hirer as “sir or madam”, or entering an interview without any knowledge of the company.

Here are a few pointers that will help you cut out your mistakes and consequently help you stay ahead of the pack in the hunt and landing a job. 

  1.       Search. Apply. Search. Apply. And repeat.

While the idea of a perfect job sounds immensely appealing, one must cover all their bases. What this means is that someone who is on the lookout for jobs mustn’t just pour all their energy into finding the perfect job and applying for just that one. Instead, the wiser option is to gather multiple job listings and then apply to them all. This will help to shorten one’s job chase and increase one’s chances of landing a job quickly.

  1.       Apply ASAP: A good idea?

This is a mistake many applicants make. A job search is and must be a time-consuming process. Even if you find a great job listing, take your time to tweak your cover letters and resumes to better fit the potential job. Do not just make the first edits that come to your mind and apply for the job right away. Applying too fast can be detrimental to your chances of getting hired as well.

  1.       Personal Connections

Getting past the first hurdle is often the toughest in the hiring process. Interviews have a much higher chance of being clearing, but getting selected for an interview is often tougher. This where references can really boost your odds. Referrals and word of mouth go a long way to help your cause, so make sure to scour your network for any potential referrals. Once you land that interview, check out our guide on acing it. 

  1.       Not nailing Interviews

Interviews can be quite hard to clear, especially with all the eyeballs on you. The nervousness can really get to you, so it is crucial to practice beforehand and highlight your skills well.